(Windows) Logging Into Windows Automatically On Boot

In order to automate your Grafana endpoint display as much as possible - meaning that when the PC boots Grafana automatically starts up and displays - you also have to have your user automatically log in without having to enter a username and password.

This is a Windows specific tutorial.

NOTE: This method will reduce the security on your computer. Make sure User Access Control is turned all the way up once this tutorial is complete.

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1. Start Netplwiz

In the Cortana search bar, type Netplwiz, and then click the Netplwiz result:


2. Tick the box next to "users must enter a username and password..."

And then click OK.


3. Enter your Windows password twice

And then click OK.


Now the next time your computer boots, it will automatically attempt to log in with the credentials you supplied.

NOTE: The Netplwiz password dialog will accept incorrect passwords. If your computer does not automatically log in on the next boot, run Netplwiz again and re-enter the password.

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