A Short Commentary on Color


Presentation in Grafana is everything. That's the whole point of Grafana: to present data in a pleasing, succinct and understandable manner, and in my case I put a lot of thought into the color scheme, especially insofar as matching colors on the different data panels across the whole Grafana dashboard.

This tutorial is cross platform compatible.

1. Search Google for color pallets

In order to find attractive color schemes, just search Google Image Search using the query "Color Palettes", which will bring up a whole bunch of schemes to choose from:


2. Sample the color with the eye dropper tool

I use Photoshop to do this, but there are many tools, many of them free (GIMP comes to mind) that you can use to sample the color pallet.


3. Copy the HEX color code

The HEX color code is a numerical representation of a color. You can use this code to transfer the exact color from the color pallet to Grafana.


4. Set graph color in Grafana

Now go to your graph in Grafana and click on the color bar next to one of the graph items:


5. Paste the HEX color of your choice

Once the HEX code is pasted into Grafana, that particular graph data point will match the color you've chosen.




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