Editor Guidelines

1. Do not edit a page while someone else is already editing it!

The page should warn you if someone else is editing the page you wish to edit!

2. Information/guides should be properly structured.

Use chapters, pages, headlines, etc.

The editor is fully featured. Use the editor to its fullest to make pages/chapters easily readable!

3. Do not create a book for a service that already exists!

Add a new chapter/page to the existing book!

If you are confused or have a wiki question, reach out to Cameron or Alex!

4. Do not use slang/abbreviated text in information or guides.


DNS [Domain Name System] - Can then be called DNS through rest of the page/guide after defining it at least once!

"lol" or similar phrases are a no no.

"Curse Word" - Using non-family friendly text will result in editor rights being revoked. All revisions are stored in history and can be checked!

TCP [Transmission Control Protocol] - Can then be called TCP through rest of the page/guide after defining it at least once!

5. Make sure new books have a cover image to give a quick description of what the book is for.

This is not a SUPER reinforced rule but don't be dumb. Keep images on topic and no profanity/etc. It's not hard!

6. Make sure to fill in book/chapter descriptions!

These can be viewed before clicking on a book/chapter! Try to be descriptive when writing these. Do not include URLs in description fields!

7. Do not copy other peoples work.

You may reference outside or inside work from other people at the bottom of the page you are editing. Copying other peoples work will get your editor rights revoked.

Do not use the following URL types:

  • Shortened URLs (, etc.)
  • Affiliate URLs or Other monetized URLs
  • URLs that lead to a pay walls
  • URLs that pass through analytics redirects for click counting (AKA Twitter, Facebook, etc). 
    • Try to be smart about it, sometimes you can't avoid it.
  • Links to social media accounts or posts as they can be more easily deleted.

Linking to outside guides is permitted if it is relevant to the topic being discussed in the current page. Also creator support links are permitted but should not be spammed in page topics.

9. Do not self promote your own content in your page/chapters.

Speak with an Admin first before posting direct links to content you own, especially if it involves more than one page of content in a book/chapter.

aka don't create a page with just a direct link to your own content.

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