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A Short Commentary on Color

Grafana Colors In Grafana

Presentation in Grafana is everything. That's the whole point of Grafana: to present data in a ...

Externally Embedded Panels (Clock, Weather, Radar, Calendar, Moon)

Grafana Incorporating External Services & Conte...

All five of these embedded iframe panels are cross platform compatible. This tutorial is cross...

Plex Data Panels (Movie Count, Bandwidth, Recently Added, etc.)

Grafana Plex Stats Data Panels (Varken, Tautulli)

With the necessity for Plex, Tautulli, Varken, Grafana and InfluxDB this is without a doubt the...

Embedding DVR Video Streams Into Grafana

Grafana Incorporating Video Streams Into Grafana

These panels are a live feed embedded into Grafana via iframes. During the conversion of the vi...

WAN Up/Down And Router Uptime Metrics

Grafana Setting up SNMP & Related Tutorials

This tutorial is Windows specific, although many items are cross-platform compatible. Dependen...

System Metrics Panels (CPU, Ram, Free Space)

Grafana System Metrics Panels Via Telegraf

This tutorial is cross platform compatible. Telegraf is a command-line application that scrape...

Cameron's Dashboard Components Explained

Grafana Misc.

▲ Externally Embedded Panels (Clock, Weather, Radar, Calendar, Moon) ▲ Click here to read th...

(Windows) Starting Grafana In Fullscreen When Endpoint Display Boots

Grafana Automation

This is a Windows specific tutorial. Using a Windows BATCH command, you can start Grafana to aut...

Telegraf on Windows (Step By Step)

Telegraf Installation

There are a bunch of different ways to install Telegraf on your Window PC. This tutorial will cov...

(Windows) Focus Grafana Over All Other Windows

Grafana Automation

Windows is not the optimal system on which to run a full screen instance of a Grafana display, bu...

(Windows) Logging Into Windows Automatically On Boot

Grafana Automation

In order to automate your Grafana endpoint display as much as possible - meaning that when the PC...

(Windows) Turning Off All Windows Notifications & Popups

Grafana Automation

On your Grafana display you're not going to want anything popping up over Grafana. In order to ac...

PermissionError: [WinError 32] The process cannot access the file because...

Third Party [FOSS] Data Collectors Varken

This is a Windows specific tutorial. I encountered this error the first time I installed Varken....

LAN/WAN/WiFi Metrics Via Prometheus & SNMP

Grafana Setting up SNMP & Related Tutorials

When I set up these panels I wanted a global overview of which interface incoming data was ...

Scraping ISP Data Usage With uBot Studio


This is a pretty easy way of scraping data from a website, but it does cost about $300. You can...

Convert & Import Data into InfluxDB

InfluxDB Importing data via command line

When using Telegraf it's easy enough to insert data into Influx and visualize it with Grafana - b...

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